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VEGAN SOCIETY The UK Vegan Society is an educational charity providing information and guidance on various aspects of veganism, for new and potential vegans, caterers, healthcare professionals, educators, the media, etc. Membership 21 a year (with various concessions) includes quarterly magazine The Vegan. Extensive website (with online shop): www.vegansociety.com

VEGAN LIFE MAGAZINE New bimonthly UK magazine launched in 2014 and available on the high street (Smiths, Boots and some supermarkets). Food oriented but covers general vegan issues too: www.veganlifemag.com

VON The Vegan Organic Network researches and promotes vegan organic methods of agriculture and horticulture. They produce a large informative magazine Growing Green International twice a year, with articles and news from vegan organic growers worldwide. Membership 20 (16 low income) a year. Websites: www.veganorganic.net and www.stockfreeorganic.net  

MCL (Movement for Compassionate Living - the vegan way) promotes “a way of life that is free of the exploitation and slaughter of sentient beings, that is possible for all the world’s people and that is sustainable within the resources of the planet”. Annual sub 5 includes the quarterly journal New Leaves. Website: www.mclveganway.org.uk

VEGAN VILLAGE lists hundreds of UK vegan companies and contacts. Also noticeboard, plus shopping, food, travel, health, and more. Website: www.veganvillage.co.uk  NB: Does not seem to have been updated since 2013 but many listings will still be accurate.

VEGFAM ("feeds the hungry without exploiting animals") is a charity that has been helping to alleviate hunger, thirst, malnutrition and starvation since 1963, by funding vegan food production projects worldwide. Website: www.vegfamcharity.org.uk 

VEGGIES are a vegan food catering service, based in Nottingham but operating at events all over the country. Their “vast & extensive” website www.veggies.org.uk includes the UK Animal Rights Calendar and the Vegan Outreach Diary.

CRITICAL SOCIETY was an e-journal edited by Barry Kew featuring in-depth articles with a strong vegan and animal rights emphasis. It ran for eight issues between 2009 and 2012 and the archive is available here.

AMERICAN VEGAN SOCIETY www.americanvegan.org

T.O.F.U. MAGAZINE features vegan articles, recipes, etc from Canada and around the world. Website: www.ilovetofu.ca/store

OVER 3,900 LINKS TO VEGAN-RELATED WEBSITES (blogs, recipes, forums, action & campaigns, online shopping, recipes, events & festivals, networking, etc, etc) are at www.veganchatroom.co.uk                                 

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