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Contributions to Vegan Views

We're not accepting any articles currently, but in the past have relied on readers’ contributions, and tried to publish everything of relevance and interest - letters, articles, reviews, recipes, photos, drawings, cartoons, news, quotes, poems, or constructive suggestions or criticism. Although UK-based we welcomed readers and contributions from any country. 

Just look at any recent issue to get an idea of the sort of things we usually published. Bear in mind that our emphasis has always been on debating issues amongst vegans and vegan sympathisers, rather than simply presenting the case for veganism.

Mailing list

If you'd like to go on our email list to receive occasional news of any future developments, rather than having to keep checking the website, please contact us

Privacy  Vegan Views will not pass your e-mail address on to anyone, so if somebody requests a person’s e-mail address we will always ask that person's permission first. All email addresses (and names, addresses and phone numbers) are kept confidential, and never sent or given out. In group emailing your email address will always be in the private BCC field.  

If you no longer wish to receive any information from Vegan Views please let us know and your name will be removed from our list.

If you come across links that don't work, or spot other errors, please get in touch – thanks.

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