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Vegan Views

Back issues

Our seven most recent issues, numbers 121 to 127, can be downloaded from the home page of this website. This Back Issues page lists many earlier issues, and you can download complete pdfs of our very first issue from 1975, all issues 93-116 (edited by Harry Mather), and issue 117 (edited by Knut Caspari). Issues 118-120 (also edited by Knut Caspari) were small A5-size magazines and are not available online.

There are also many selected articles of interest from issues 10 through to 100 available - these are on an old page from an earlier version of this website, and some links within these articles may no longer work.

Please note that any details within any of these back issues that have changed since they were published are not updated, so some information may be out of date. All pdfs should open in a new window.

Vegan Views 117
(Summer 2009) Interview with vegan filmmaker Ryan Vance | Vegan pet food | Vegan organic farming in Czech Republic | Herbal medicine is vegan medicine
Vegan Views 116
(Autumn/Winter 2008) Is Nature cruel? | Can Britain feed itself?
Vegan Views 115
(Summer 2008) Vegan help for the Third World (Vegfam) | A vision of a vegan world
| Space cowboys
Vegan Views 114 (Spring 2008) Animal welfare in Islam | Why I went vegan | Cultured meat can ruin factory farming
Vegan Views 113
(Winter 2007/8) Buddhism and meat-eating | Feeding the world with compassion (HIPPO)
Vegan Views 112
(Autumn 2007) Movement for the abolition of meat | A raw vegan travels round the world | The history of the vegan name
Vegan Views 111
(Spring/Summer 2007) Earthfoods in Bournemouth | Bird flu
Vegan Views 110
(Winter 2006/7) Vegan organic growing – dig or no dig? | Omnivore, vegetarian or vegan – the moral issues
Vegan Views 109
(Autumn 2006) Radical vegetarians and the discovery of India | Questions about soya | Sound Bites – new vegan shop in Derby
Vegan Views 108
(Summer 2006) Views on vaccinations | Milk is not necessary | In memory of Frieden Howard
Vegan Views 107
(Spring 2006) The trouble with vegan labels | Vegan organic growing - potatoland | In memory of Donald Watson
Vegan Views 106
(Winter 2005/6) But I like meat | Animal diseases and human infectious diseases | Should vegans drive cars?
Vegan Views 105
(Summer 2005) Adolf Hitler: vegetarian? | School dinner problems
Vegan Views 104
(Spring 2005) Tribute to Arthur Ling | Helping the tsunami victims | Vegan conversations I got wrong
Vegan Views 103
(Winter 2004) Radical alternative Manchester | Animals in wartime
Vegan Views 102
(Autumn 2004) Vegan organic growing under glass | The nature and importance of our prehistoric diet | Vegans in Poland
Vegan Views 101
(Summer 2004) Vegan Village interview | Vegan caterers | Testimony of a veterinary student on a course in an abattoir
Vegan Views 100
(Spring 2004) The vegan concept and history of vegan milk in UK | Vegan Views – the early years
Vegan Views 99
(Winter 2003/4) Permaculture and veganism – Graham Burnett interview | No more fish
Vegan Views 98
(Autumn 2003) River Phoenix's influence | Food co-ops
Vegan Views 97
(Summer 2003) Steve Walsh interview | Reverence for life
Vegan Views 96
(Spring 2003) Karin Ridgers interview | Medical experiments on animals mislead and hold back progress | Kathleen Jannaway obituary
Vegan Views 95
(Winter 2002/3) Liz Cook interview | Supporting fringe groups
Vegan Views 94
(Autumn 2002) Vegan Organic Network interviews | How and why I became vegan (part 3)
Vegan Views 93
(Summer 2002) Nutritional supplements – a dissenter's view | Euthanasia of animals

Vegan Views 1
(April 1975) Veganism in its place – a personal view | A new form of society – Harry Mather

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