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Last updated September 2014

Vegan Views 1975-2013  The Spring 2013 issue (No 127) of Vegan Views magazine - which you can download below - was our last printed issue. Times have changed and it seems many people now prefer to go online rather than read printed magazines

Future plans  We had hoped to add new interviews, articles, reviews, etc to the website, or maybe publish small magazine pdfs - but, for a mixture of reasons, have not done anything yet. For this to happen we need to find one or two helpers with more expertise than we have in running and promoting websites and using social media (especially Facebook). Also nowadays there are a vast number of ‘vegan views’ online, so we want to be doing something that is a little different rather than just repeating what is happening elsewhere.

   If you're on our email list we'll keep you informed of any developments - contact us if you want to be added to this list (or if you’d like to help). Vegan Views has always been produced by unpaid volunteers on a non-profit-making basis, and although UK-based we welcome readers from any country. See also our Information page, with details of our past approach.

Facebook Page  We relaunched our Facebook Page in July 2013 (replacing our old Facebook Group), and we've been adding new posts from time to time. This should be visible to everyone, unlike the old group which only Facebook members were able to see. (However, to comment on any of the posts you do need to be a Facebook member.)

Spring 2013 issue  Vegan Views No 127 - pdf (5 MB) opens in a new window. This issue includes an interview with vegan dietitians Jack Norris & Ginny Messina. Also articles by Teresa Bergen on her recent visit to see the amazing wildlife in the Galapagos islands, by Debbie Andrews on the environmental impact of plastic, and by Zion Lights on gardening the vegan way. Plus other articles, news, recipes, etc.
For a full contents list of issues 121-127 click here
VV127 front cover

Interviews  The seven interviews published in Vegan Views from 2011-2013 are now available separately (all in pdf form except for the first): 
Jack Norris & Ginny Messina (vegan dietitians)
John Davis (International Vegetarian Union)
Angel Flinn (Gentle World vegan community in Hawaii and New Zealand)
David Irving (author of 'The Protein Myth')
David Graham (Vegan Organic Network)
Lee Hall (author and animal rights activist)
Patrick Smith (Veggies Catering in Nottingham)
    For older interviews see our 
Back issues section.

Vegan Views magazine is freely available online, and magazines in pdf form can be downloaded here. If you have any problems let us know and we can email you a pdf instead (but first try right clicking on the pdf link, select 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As', download it to your desktop, and then try to open it from there). See below for issues 121 to 126, and for many earlier magazines see our Back issues page. 

VV126 front cover
Vegan Views No 126
(Winter 2012/2013) - pdf opens in a new window. This issue includes an interview with John Davis of the International Vegetarian Union. Also articles on Vegan Asia, the Vegan Woman website, Violet's Vegan Comics, Quakers and Animal Welfare, Vegan
Caf 4 the Day, and more. Plus letters, recipes, news, etc. Full contents list here
VV125 front cover
Vegan Views No 125
(Summer/Autumn 2012) - pdf opens in a new window. This issue includes an interview with Angel Flinn of the Gentle World vegan community in Hawaii and New Zealand. Also articles on the cartoons of Dan Piraro, the shifting meaning of the word 'vegan', and the experiences of a lone vegan on a TV food show. Plus letters, reviews, recipes, news, etc. Full contents list here
VV124 front cover Vegan Views No 124 (Spring 2012) - pdf opens in a new window. This issue includes an interview with David Irving (author of The Protein Myth). Also articles on 'Vegans in the Ancient World', 'The vegan evolution', 'How many vegans are there in the UK/USA?', 'Vegans - spiritual souls', the potential of lab-grown meat, animals eating other animals, utopias and veganism, plus the vegan press reviewed, comments from our Facebook members, and recipes. Full contents list here
VV 123 front cover
Vegan Views No 123 (Winter 2011/2012) - pdf opens in a new window. This issue includes an extended interview with David Graham (chair of the Vegan-Organic Network). Also articles on 'Vegans against suspenders', human and animal domestication, vegan puppies, plus Vegan Camp report, letters, book reviews, etc. 
Full contents list here
VV 122 front cover

Vegan Views No 122 (Summer 2011) - pdf opens in a new window. This issue includes an interview with Lee Hall (author of 'On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth'), also articles on being vegan and transgendered, awkward questions asked in school talks, Critical Society's e-journal, and memories of Harry Mather, plus letters, recipes, etc. Full contents list here

VV 121 front cover

Vegan Views No 121 (Spring 2011) - pdf opens in a new window. Includes an interview with Patrick Smith of Veggies Catering, articles on fox hunting and eating meat, giving talks in schools, the new vegan film 'Making the Connection', also guerrilla gardening, plus letters, recipes, poems, cartoon, etc. Full contents list here

               For earlier magazines see Back issues

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