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Vegan Views 127  Spring 2013  (pdf opens in a new window)   
  2  Editorial  Our final printed issue
The Vegan Press  Malcolm Horne  (Veg in Mongolia? / Veggie People / Growing Green / Eggs dilemma)
  4  Getting close to wildlife in the Galapagos  Teresa Bergen
  6  Veganism and Krishna Consciousness  
Jenny Wood
  7  Live like an Essene  Richard Kemble / Why are few spiritual teachers vegan?   
  8  Spring into gardening this season - the vegan way  Zion Lights
10  Interview with Jack Norris and Ginny Messina  Vegan Dietitians for Life  also available separately here
13  Shelley at Oxford (book review Paul Freestone) / 40th IVU World Vegfest in USA 
14  Fantastic not Plastic!  
Debbie Andrews / Veggies News / Around the World (new book by Chris Phillips)
Recipes  Banana & Red Pepper Fritters, Banana Apricot and Walnut Loaf Viva! Catering Guide
17  Raw Food Made Easy (book review Sarah Austin) / 5th Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
18  Vegetarian for Life - helping older vegetarians and vegans  Interview with Tina Fox
19  Vegan meat and dairy substitute products  Caroline Marks / My veganism Chloe Dalton
20  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 126  Winter 2012/2013  (pdf opens in a new window)  
  2  Editorial  Sarah Austin (Raw food / Vegan dog nutrition)
  3  Vegan Caf
 4 the day  Malcolm Horne  (Eat Out Vegan Wales)
  4  The Vegan Woman  Sivan Pardo  (website for vegan women)
  5  Vegucating Bristol  Alan Lee  (screenings of the film 'Vegucated')
  6  Vegan Asia  
Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea  also available separately here (pdf)
  8  Food Facts: fending off space cowboys and cavemen  Katharine A Gilchrist
  9  Quaker Tapestry 2013 calendar: animal welfare
10  Interview with John Davis of the International Vegetarian Union
 also available separately here (pdf)
13  The Vegan Press
14  I healed my life  Marijke McCartney
15  Violet's Vegan Comics  Debbie Andrews
16  Recipes  Chestnut & Mushroom Feast, Orange & Walnut Mince Pies, Curried Pancakes
17  Letters  Vegetarian/vegan division? /  Buddhism and veganism / The China Study debate
19  Vegan Camp  Photos from 2012
20  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 125  Summer/Autumn 2012  (pdf opens in a new window)  
  2  Editorial  Sarah Austin  (Vegan Dog Nutrition)
  3  The cartoons of Dan Piraro  (award winning American vegan cartoonist)
  4  The Great British Taste Tour 'affair'  Dean Bracher (a lone vegan on a UK TV food programme)
  6  Bethany Alldridge's poems and life  Malcolm Horne & Elaine Kirk
Drimlabarra Herb Farm in Scotland / Vegan Organic Network on the road
  8  What's in a word?  Edward J Immel (the shifting meaning of the word 'vegan')
  9  Tree poster (MCL) /  Vegan Society 'Open Door' film 1976
10  Interview with Angel Flinn of the Gentle World vegan community 
 also available separately here (pdf)
13  'Pig' by Brett Mizelle (book review Paul Appleby)
14  Recipes  Tofu Burgers, Creamy Lemon Cheesecake, Chana Dhal Pancakes, Chocolate Cake
15  How and why I became vegan  Shari Kraut Yard
16  Letters  How many vegans? / Limitations of the China Study / Utopias and veganism / French connections / Big Biggies and the Big Picture
18  'Buddhism on a plate' by Samacitta (review Jane Easton) / Veggies news Patrick Smith
19  The Vegan Press  Malcolm Horne  (Ginny Messina's vegan dietitian blog, VEG 1 multivitamin, B12 and 19th century vegans, The Vegan Woman website, Free from Harm, Jo-Anne McArthur videos)
20  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 124  Spring 2012   (pdf opens in a new window) 
  2  Editorial  Sarah Austin & Malcolm Horne (our new website)
  3  The Vegan Evolution  Angel Flinn
  4  Wild things  Katharine A Gilchrist (on animals eating other animals)
  5  News from Nowhere? Utopias and veganism  Jenny Wood / Hermans restaurant in Stockholm
  6  Perceptions of 'nature'  Sarah Baylis (how the food industry sees animals, and 'in vitro' meat)
  8  Vegans - spiritual souls  Mike Wright ('altered consciousness' for vegans)
  9  Recipes  Vegan Spanish Tortilla / Marmite Cheese & Cranberry Cheese / Vegan Shortbread
10  Interview with David Irving (author of 'The Protein Myth') 
 also available separately here (pdf)
13  World Day for Animals in Laboratories  Dean Bracher
 The Vegan Press  Malcolm Horne (TOFU magazine / Critical Society / The Vegan / Growing Green International / New Leaves / The Abolitionist / The American Vegan / History of Veganism blog)
15  How many vegans are there in the UK and USA?  Malcolm Horne

16  Were there vegans in the ancient world?  John Davis
17  Book reviews  Raw Edible Wild  Plants / Unlikely Friendships
18  Comments & Letters  The PETA debate / Dogs and veganism / Why did you become vegan?
19  Veggies news  People's Kitchen
20  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 123  Winter 2011/2012  (pdf opens in a new window)
  2  Editorial  Sarah Austin & David Mather
  3  The Vegan Press  Malcolm Horne (The Vegan / Growing Green International / The American Vegan / TOFU magazine & Jo-Anne McArthur interview / Critical Society / Donald Watson interview / The Abolitionist / Animal Rights Zone interviews / Blogs and forums)
  5  My vegan diet in South Africa  Careen Marais
  6  Vegans against suspenders  Katharine A Gilchrist (PETA, sexism, and consenting adults)
  7  Vegan Camp 2011 (report and group photo)
  8  Human & animal domestication: an inseparable dynamic  Colin Denny Donoghue
  9  Recipes  Christmas pudding / Date and walnut cake / Scones / Vegan double cream
10  Interview with David Graham (chair of the Vegan Organic Network) 
 also available separately here (pdf)
13  How and why I became vegan Elizabeth Angas / Mushroom man (forest gardener Tony Martin)
Book reviews  Vegan for Life / Permaculture Design / Donkey / The Well
16  A true story of vegan puppies  Butterflies Katz
17  Have you tried juicing yet?  Sue Tew
18  Letters  Shooting yourself in the foot / Change of consciousness in vegans / Iodine deficiency / Drought in Kenya / Vegan care homes
20  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 122  Summer 2011  (pdf opens in a new window) 
  2  Editorial  Sarah Austin (on going vegan)
  3  Vegan and transgendered  Jenny Wood
  4  The Veggies Scoffer (review)  /  Recipes Nut bake / lentil soup
  5  The invisible vegans  Paul Appleby (older vegans)  /  A food chain is a food chain is a food chain ...  Peter Aladjem  (a little science fiction)
  6  Awkward comments and questions  Dean Bracher  (part 2: school talks on veganism and animal rights)
  7  A century for New Leaves  Malcolm Horne (Movement for Compassionate Living's 100th magazine)
  8  The radical imperative: interview with Lee Hall  (author of 'On Their Own terms: Bringing Animal-rights Philosophy Down to Earth')  also available separately here (pdf)
10  Memories of Harry Mather  Miriam Mather
Shooting yourself in the foot: how vegans inadvertently do anti-vegan things  Jonathan Smith
The art of vegan conversation  Butterflies Katz
14  Letters  Willow Fox / Vegan holidays abroad / Be the change you want to see / Cake bake sale in Bristol
15  Critical Society  Malcolm Horne  (review of animal rights and vegan e-journal)
16  Events, Adverts, Groups
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Vegan Views 121  Spring 2011  (pdf opens in a new window)
  2  Editorial  David Mather & Sarah Austin (remembering Harry Mather)
  3  A short history of Vegan Views  Malcolm Horne & Marijke McCartney
  4  Speaking in schools  Dean Bracher (part 1: giving talks on veganism and animal rights)
  5  Guerrillas of love  Chris Tomlinson (guerrilla gardening)
  6  Making the connection  
Malcolm Horne (review of new Vegan Society film) / Tolstoyans (UK) Gerard Bane
  7  No neat conclusions  Katharine A Gilchrist  /  Just one view from one vegan  Derec Jones
  8  Interview with Patrick Smith of Veggies  
also available separately here (pdf)
10  Fox hunting and eating meat ... what's the difference?  Jenna Thompson
Recipes  Creamy tomato soup / Garlic bread / Flapjacks
Valerie Alferoff (1933-2011) remembered  Malcolm Horne & David Barrett
13  'Parents' cartoon strip  Valerie Alferoff (reprinted from 1983)   
14  Letters  V.V. revival / Vegan care home / Unsuitable jobs for vegans
15  Poignant one-word responses / Bill Clinton - vegan?  Butterflies Katz
16  Events, Adverts, Groups
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