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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 98 (Autumn 2003)

I would like all meat eaters to celebrate the old custom of Harvest Thanksgiving. If they go to church they should decorate their churches with the gutted corpses of cattle, whole pig carcasses, plucked chickens by the dozen, many dead furry rabbits and lots of fishes (kept on ice so that they donít stink too much).

Non-churchgoers should celebrate an Open Day at the Slaughterhouse. They would no doubt have to wear protective overalls and boots to avoid being splattered with blood and guts. Music could be played to drown the animal screams. Maybe they would express their gratitude to the sacrifice the animals are making, in acknowledgement of their inferiority to the godlike human species. Some people would feel sorrowful at the pitiful sight, but might still consider this slaughter a regrettable necessity, despite the evidence that there are many healthy people who never partake of animal products.

As the commercial exploitation of Christmas and Yuletide reaches its climax, excursions should be made to turkey battery farms, where people would be encouraged to wring the neck of a screaming turkey frantically trying to escape its fate. This would be the equivalent of picking your own strawberries. Carol Singers should be hired to proclaim the message of Peace On Earth and Universal Love.

Rich nations have become more and more separated from the origins of their food. They pick up items ready-wrapped, or even ready-cooked whilst strolling pre-occupied along the long aisles of supermarkets. Children have even expressed astonishment and disbelief when told that the film-wrapped meat came from a killed animal and their parents have settled into a routine behaviour, that does not stop to consider the great suffering that their purchases promotes.

We have to make them think out the consequences of their actions!

Keep up the good work!

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