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Vegan Infants - Update by Arthur Ling, Vegan Views 97 (Summer 2003)

In 2000 we published a 16-page booklet on vegan infant case histories. It included 33 infants from 19 families with a photo of each child, together with the date and weight of birth. Each parent set out a typical day’s menu at the weaning stage. The booklet carried forewords from a medical doctor, a NHS dietician and a midwife.

We have just carried out the second monitoring of these infants, the importance of which may be judged from the realisation that the last published medical research paper on vegan infants aged 1 – 5 years (by Sanders & Purves) was way back in 1981. Our booklet and follow-up monitoring fulfil a very necessary gap to demonstrate to the health professional that vegan infants are being brought up most successfully. Indeed, they are being given a healthy start in life in vivid contrast to their omnivore counterparts because the NHS is being stretched at the seams with adult diseases activated by their faulty dietary upbringing. The vegan infants have higher intakes of vegetables and fruit and, therefore, higher antioxidants and lower intakes of saturated fats compared to their omnivore peers.

This second monitoring provides the weight of each child which shows very satisfactory growth levels have been maintained. It also indicates that overall good health has been maintained and it is appropriate to add that so many parents refer to their offspring’s strong energy levels! In essence, the monitoring shows that the infants who were fit and well when the booklet was published in 2000 continue to enjoy this healthiness. It is planned to use this group of vegan infants for further research as a guide to health professionals and also to parents.

The booklet 'Healthy Vegan Infants/Children' gives individual case histories of children being brought up as vegans and also professional advice. £2 from: Plamil Foods, Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6PQ. Tel: 01303 850588. Web: www.plamilfoods.co.uk.

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