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The Ancient Woodland Project by Louisa Smith, Vegan Views 95 (Winter 2002/3)

The project is the purchase and management of an ancient woodland (i.e. a woodland that has always been in existence, not a commercial plantation) which will operate as an educational charity.

The woodland will function as an educational centre for schoolchildren and adults and will provide courses on sustainable forestry, hedge-laying, coppicing, permaculture, tree-planting, green woodworking, organic gardening etc. The woodlands will also be a haven for both fauna and flora. A tree nursery will also be part of the site and will offer and promote the use of native and other useful plants, in a similar way to Plants For A Future.

The purchase of a 29 acre site in Yorkshire has now been completed and now we need to make contact with people particularly those with knowledge of setting up, permaculture/woodland (food bearing) gardens etc. from scratch, and also people with practical knowledge of making marketable products from our timber, and also those with knowledge of constructing environmentally friendly buildings (low impact) both as workshops and for demonstration, etc.

Once I have come across people to help me plan exactly what to do and where on the site, I can apply for any grants which may be available, which will help speed up the project no end.

Our local National Park Office is very enthusiastic about the project and their woodland officers have offered to help with site assessment, drawing up management plans and grant applications.

I have experience of running a business and have the ability to manufacture and successfully market the products which the woodland can produce.

Our long term plans include coppicing as an alternative to felling - this is an entirely sustainable process and has minimal effect on wildlife. Some of the nearby farmers are very concerned with conservation and we will be working closely with them and the National Parks Authority to provide a haven for wildlife.

If you can help please contact: Louisa Smith, 41 Southlands Road, Riddlesden BD20 5HQ. Tel: 01723 514525 or 07748 101 117. Website: www.woodlandproject.org.uk. Email: ancientwoodlands@aol.com

Louisa Smith is a vegan (subscriber to V.V.) who will manage the woodland on sustainable, vegan organic principles.

Louisa's contact details have changed since the article was originally published, and have been updated above. Her contact details in the downloadable magazine (VV95) on this website have not been updated so are no longer correct.

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