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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 94 (Autumn 2002)

The world is still full of violence, terrorism, anti-terrorism, murders, threats of war. If humans hold human life so cheap, how can we persuade them to have more regard and compassion for animals?

Yet, if we can think of animals as expendable and that their only reason for existence is at the wishes and whims of humans, it is only a step to look on other humans as of small consequence and low worth.

If we think the world was created just for the benefit of humans, it is not difficult to think that some human groups or individuals are inferior and that their lives also are of little account.

Following our lower instincts leads to the horrors persisting around us. Following our nobler ideals is the only way to counter the horrors that confront us daily in the media.

Humankind needs to understand that it cannot just exploit the planet for its own narrow purposes, and that it needs to see itself as part of a great whole and play its part in beautifying the planet. We must work in harmony with the whole of creation in order ourselves to find the peace and joy for which all humans long.

Understanding that animals are not here just to be exploited by humans, will also bring the realisation that humans, whoever they are, need to be viewed as part of the whole creation and treated with respect and compassion.

Autumn is the season when the fruits that have been developing all summer are gathered in. There is an abundance of produce from the vegetable kingdom to satisfy all our needs. We can be thankful for the food provided and that we have learned we can live healthily without having to kill for our food. As our ideas spread around the world, there will be more peace and contentment in the world.

Our bloodless meals are a blessing for the whole planet.

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