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News Of Vegfam Projects 2002 Vegan Views 93 (Summer 2002)

VEGFAM works through other organisations to provide vegan supportive projects.

South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Maputaland
Find Your Feet with KwaNgwanase Farming Union.
Seeds for planting (not GMO but traditional local varieties), tools and other farming inputs. To increase food security and nutrition through the cultivation of drought tolerant and nutritious nutrition small grains and legumes for households (with any surplus sold)

INDIA, Andhra Pradesh
Find Your Feet with Deccan Development Society
Dryland Natural Resources Management,
Nursery plants for marginalized, tribal peoples and untouchables (Dalits) to enable women in particular to build up food and income security through the management of seeds, soil and water.

SUDAN, South
Seeds for planting, via Concern (London SW11 1LJ)

Water (+ Sanitation) via Action Against Hunger (London WC1R 4AR)

In 1998 after the earthquake, through our partner Concern (Dublin, Eire), working with a French charity called ACTED 14 villages were provided with water, 4 of these villages had 80% of the losses/damage - 4,551 houses damaged and 2307 people died. In the present circumstances, we are providing £250 for food for these hungry people and are investigating how we can help with longer term development work.

About Vegfam...

The Overseas Aid Charity for Vegetarians & Vegans is
(British Registered Charity No. 232208, Inland Revenue Ref XN8555)
The Fragile Environment of Developing Countries cannot support TWO populations
Humans and their Food Animals.
For over 30 years VEGFAM has provided short and long-term Relief to People who have been the victims of Drought, Flood, Cyclone or War in over 40 countries. Our Supporters control how much of their Donation goes on Administration since VEGFAM operates three separate Funds for the use of Donors/Testators the particulars of which are:

GENERAL DONATIONS paid into a/c No 65023307 00 will be apportioned (by % shown) between
PROJECTS (91%) a/c No 65023323 00
Administration Expenses (7%) a/c No 65023310 00
Office Building Fund (2%) a/c No 65023336 53

The Co-operative Bank plc, 242 High Street, EXETER, Devon, EX4 3QB, Sort Code 08-92-90. (Midland Banks a/cs retained for use by existing Donors). Postal cheques, IMO's, MO's and PO's to Lydford address, please.


USA the American Vegan Society has agreed to take U.S. dollar donations and make them available to VEGFAM in British Currency. Please make your cheque payable to AVS. Donations will go to VEGFAM's General Donations accounts unless you specify it is all for PROJECTS. The American Vegan Society, 501 Old Harding Way, PO Box H, MALAGA, N.J. 08328-0908 (Phone (609) 694 2887 Fax (609) 694 2288).

Australia VEGFAM has a PROJECTS Donations account at Westpac Banking Corporation (Sydney Office), 341 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. BSB & a/c no. 732-000 74-8282.

Tel/Fax Lydford (01822) 820203 [if you are outside the UK: +44 1822 820 203] or (01550) 721197 for more details - Covenant Forms/Bankers Order Forms etc (& self catering visitors accommodation) or write (SAE appreciated) to: VEGFAM, The Sanctuary, Nr Lydford, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 4AL, UK. Website: www.veganvillage.co.uk/vegfam Email: vegfam@veganvillage.co.uk


No More Mouths Please! Vegan Views 93 (Summer 2002)

I have lived in Africa. In Ethiopia for example, where I worked for one and a half years, I saw the devastation wrought by overgrazing. The country has lost 90% of its trees in three decades, with wide acres denuded of trees degrading rapidly into desert, the precious rainfall pouring off slopes, unretained by vegetation, eroding deep gullies in the sand as it goes. I have seen goats by the thousands, standing on their hind legs to reach every green shoot that brave saplings venture to put forth. Africa certainly does not need more mouths to feed! Some charities plant trees; others send goats to eat them! The way forward, to sustainability, to health, and to sufficiency, lies not in greater consumption of animal products but in a better appreciation of the value and importance of plant protein foods for direct human consumption. It is so wasteful to use and to grow food for farmed livestock. Some African countries are even producing meat for export back to Europe! Not one of the agencies I have encountered in Africa teaches that there are different and better ways of living and making use of resources. Yet in all the African countries I have visited or had contact with there are people who are seeking to develop and encourage the vegetarian alternative. HIPPO is determined to help them so that together we can make a difference. Send us your name and address so we can tell you about our vegan aid programme. Our address is: HIPPO, The Old Vicarage, Llangynog, Carmarthen SA33 5BS. Email: hippocharity@aol.com.

A New Vegetarian Society Vegan Views 93 (Summer 2002)

There is a new Vegetarian Society in Africa. The Vegetarian Society of Uganda, formed with the encouragement and assistance of Help International Plant Protein Organisation (HIPPO), aims to promote the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet in terms of human health and animal welfare. The secretary is Dr. Wabbi Leonard who is also an overseas member of the UK based Vegan Organic Network.

He works as the co-ordinator for the Buddu Social Development Association and as technical officer for a 1,000 acre Organic Training farm that is being established at Buddu village near Masaka, Western Uganda, with the support of HIPPO. Anyone who wants to express support for any of this work can email a message to Dr.Leonard at vegesu@yahoo.com or busoda@yahoo.com. Financial support can be directed through HIPPO by mailing a cheque to HIPPO, The Old Vicarage, LLangynog, Carmarthen SA31 3AQ.

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