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Vegan Infants Vegan Views 91 (Winter 2001/02)

To mark World Vegan Day 2000, Plamil Foods Ltd published a 24 page booklet VEGAN INFANTS CASE HISTORIES acclaimed as 'The most comprehensive cover of vegan infants ever published.'

Now they have published the first yearly monitoring report on each of the infants listed in the booklet, aptly summarised by a State Registered Dietician:

Although we all instinctively know that a vegan diet is the right one, it was reassuring last year to read the case histories of the infants and children in the booklet. This year's reports are additional evidence that a vegan child does develop healthily and normally on a vegan diet. Scientific papers confirm that a well-balanced vegan diet is highly protective against the many diseases of western society. Evidence is building that chronic diseases manifest themselves in infancy, and therefore to enable our children to have the best start in life, all health professionals should be advocating a plant-based diet.'

A copy of the monitoring report can be obtained on request from; Arthur Ling, Plamil House, Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6PQ. Tel 01303 850288.

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