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On The Net by Chris Phillips, Vegan Views 91 (Winter 2001/02)

You will need a Yahoo ID to join these clubs.

This is a Yahoo club I started in August 2001 for people to discuss VEGAN camp. It has photo pages and DOES include pictures of MOST vegan camps ever held. Members can add their OWN photos and a few years are not yet represented. Desperately wanted are pictures of the first TWO camps. This club also has many people who have yet to go to a vegan camp, including some from abroad, who hope to come one day. Please join and help encourage them to come OR to encourage them to start a Vegan camp in their own countries:

This is a club I am co-founder of. I can highly recommend it, lovely people here:

I am co-founder of this club too:

Another Yahoo club I run:

I am co-founder of this photo club, encouraging the use of Digital pictures (vegan). My co-founder is vegan.

Another club I am co-founder of for classical music lovers:

For those who like weather, I run this club as a co-founder:

This is one of my favourite clubs, although it is in fact a Yahoo group. We have GREAT fun here as well as discussing serious issues. Many of the regular message leavers including the founder are vegetarian or vegan. If you like writing short stories or poetry you would also like this club:

This group is run by an Australian vegan:

Well that will do for now. Hope to see you all join some of these clubs/groups soon.

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