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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 85 (Summer 2000)

In case anyone should have doubts about whether a vegan diet can maintain strength, we give in this issue the story of two mountain climbers who have triumphed over the toughest peaks of America. On a carefully planned diet they enjoyed the experience, and showed that animal-free equipment can be superior to old-fashioned furs etc.

The idea that people need fur coats for warmth is disproved by mountaineers. They gave up animal fur long ago, although their lives may depend on overcoming the cold.

Another article considers that male domination of society hinders the spread of compassion and justice. We often hear it said that it is ridiculous to give equal rights to animals. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was considered ridiculous to give equal rights to women. More recently it was considered ridiculous to give rights to slaves. Black people were considered to be sub-human.

Modern studies are showing that all sorts of animals give evidence of a great deal of intelligence and even altruistic feelings.

There is now a gradual understanding that animals are closer to us than was previously thought. In an age focussing more and more on genetics, it is humbling to realise that chimpanzees share about 99% of genetic material with humans. The facts keep showing that many animals, particularly the higher apes, are closer to us than was imagined, and caring about animals makes sense.

There is also evidence that vegan ideas are not limited to this country but people worldwide come to this way of life from their own perspective, and you read in this issue about thousands in Siberia who have formed a vegan community. So we look forward to hearing from you!

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