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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 81 (Winter 1998/99)

This is a good time to say thank you to our readers for their support. We have hundreds of readers all over the country and dozens more scattered all over the globe. We all derive support and comfort from knowing that many others share our ideas and we widen our experience by reading about other opinions.

People tell me the magazine has a good mix. This is because we all have individual points of view and different ways of expressing them. So please continue to write to us with your views or reaction to events with articles, drawings, poems, letters, etc. Others are interested to know what you are thinking. Very occasionally we print letters that most vegans strongly disagree with. This does at least help to establish how the majority feel about it and perhaps helps to correct misunderstandings. (see letters page in this issue).

I also want to thank many subscribers who send a little extra when subscribing (sometimes a lot more). Although I do not have time to thank them all personally, it is very much appreciated and helps make the magazine more affordable to others. The cover picture and the cartoon have appeared before, but they convey a message which sadly is as much needed as ever. There is a blind spot in humanity that celebrates joy and rebirth by inflicting misery and slaughter an lesser creatures. We know that vegan ideas are growing, but still too many seem to think we cannot live healthily without animal products.

We are not designed to be carnivores and humans do yearn for a caring, sharing world. We can rejoice over the festive season that we are part of the world of compassion and look forward in the New Year to more and more people joining our world.