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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 78 (Winter 97/98)

We approach a dark time of the year and winter seems to be biting earlier than usual. Is this a permanent climate change and is global warming to blame? Many scientists are very concerned that even the measures proposed by committed politicians will not be enough to prevent climate changes and rising sea levels. Global Warming sounds a good thing at least in the winter, but if it results in a loss of the Gulf Stream warming us, Britain could end up like Moscow in winter. Veganism is highly relevant to this, because the ruminant farm animals produce quantities of methane gas which destroy the ozone layer. Think also of all the refrigeration involved in meat storage. The vegan diet encourages the planting of nut and fruit trees, which absorb damaging carbon dioxide. Also, trees in tropical forests are being cut down for ranching for meat production. Veganism leads many away from conspicuous consumption and towards energy saving. Kathleen Jannaway's proposals for self-reliant vegan villages is leading the way out from disastrous lifestyles.

The other current issue is the ban on fox and deer hunting. The vote in the House of Commons reflects that of a majority of the population against the hunting of animals. Drag hunting, where hounds follow a previously laid artificial trail, can retain the fun of the chase without the lust for a kill. Unfortunately, it may take years for this bill to become law, but we can feel confident that it is only a matter of time. Deer hunting is already being restricted. We can face the coming year knowing that some of the issues we are concerned about are being addressed and debated. Vested interests and reluctance to change slow down real progress in a way that is dangerous not only for moral progress but threatens the survival of the human race.

Human life on this planet can only survive if we start acting rationally and compassionately. That means veganism.

Happy New Year and Enjoy the Festive Season.

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