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Amalgam Fillings - a Threat to Human Health by John Wantling, Vegan Views 78 (Winter 97/98)

This article is a warning and covers the controversy over the common amalgam dental filling, also known as silver, silver mercury or mercury filling, amalgam being your dentists's filling of choice, used by most dental practitioners, and which unfortunately the vast majority of people have in their teeth.

The colour is silver, but given enough time due to corrosion and chemical interaction, this may change to black - this is an indication of the formation of mercurial salts. Another sign of amalgam being present may be a nasty metallic taste in the mouth.

The controversy being that this particular filling contains a mixture of metals, none being safe, but especially mercury (50%), which is not only biologically incompatible, but also a well known toxic heavy metal, more poisonous than lead, cadmium and arsenic, highly reactive, scientifically proven unstable, and which slowly bleeds out of the filling, finding a home inside the human system, mainly concentrating in the liver, kidneys, brain and endocrine glands.

This chronic low dose exposure and slowly accumulating toxic matter, eventually places a constant stress on the immune system, pollutes the blood stream and creates a state of toxicity, thus producing the morbid soil for disease.

In general, dentists are trained to use amalgam fillings, but unfortunately all the information they absorb concerning safety is basic propaganda issued by the dental industry through their respective dental associations, whose main concern on this particular issue, is seemingly their own misguided beliefs in sustaining traditional values, values which might continue to endanger the care and concern of the actual dental patient.

Another reason being apart from, in particular homeopathic medicine, medical practitioners in general, allopathic as well as complementary, seemingly have little knowledge of micromercurialism and so once again, symptoms are treated, but any form of meaningful diagnosis is completely missed, although one has to hope that through the mass data now readily available, and through the consciousness of mankind, that this situation will and hopefully is improving.

The main reason behind the many victim support groups now forming is the networking and sharing of information, in bringing this issue to the attention of the public.

For details of mercury-free dentists, write to: The British Homoeopathy Dental Association or the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

Amalgam War Information Pack available from: John Wantling, 175, Dunkirk Rise, College Bank, Rochdale, Lancashire OL12 6UJ.

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