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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 77 (Autumn 1997)

Itís bad news for most people but it supports the vegan ideal. A government committee maintain that eating meat can increase the risk of cancer and eating more fruit and veg will reduce the risk. Experts of the World Cancer Research Fund reviewed the medical evidence on 18 different types of cancer including bowel, lung, prostrate and breast cancer. They found that eating meat increased the risk in each case. They recommend that people should go for a balanced diet made up primarily of plant foods. A previous study in the British Medical Journal showed that vegetarians enjoy up to 40% less cancer than those who eat meat. Look at it the other way round - eating meat increases your risk of cancer by more than 50%.

Another report by a government committee confirms that the new strain of the terrible killing disease CJD is the same as the BSE (mad cow) disease.

On a lighter note, if you turn to the centre pages you will not find the usual Mark & Sally cartoon, as they have retired after a long period of service, but Tim Karol has provided us with a puzzle page and may have a cartoon ready for the next edition. We can also hope that Mark & Sally will enliven us with a cartoon from time to time as inspiration strikes.

Autumn is a season of fruitfulness with an abundance of fruit and vegetables, providing all the nutrition for human needs. Humans do not need to feed on animal corpses. The idea is simply ugly and cruel. Modern practices are proving to be threatening human health and is provoking a crisis where meat eating is becoming a threat to health. Dairy produce is no better. So enjoy the diversity of plant foods for which our bodies were designed.

Eat and Enjoy

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