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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 76 (Spring/Summer 1997)

There is increasing interest in this magazine with its informal presentation. One of the main attractions over the past ten years has been the Cartoon produced by Mark and Sally Popplewell. Yes, they used their real names although they look different from their cartoon characters. They have even been reproduced in other magazines abroad. Sadly, they feel they must rest on their laurels and retire. They came in response to an appeal for a cartoonist. So we are appealing once more for someone to fill the gap that will be sorely missed. We have someone who could help with ideas but has not the drawing ability, or maybe there is already someone out there willing to take on the whole task. There is no harm in trying, so please have a go and submit your efforts to this office. Even a single comical drawing helps to light up the magazine. We're looking forward to hearing from you. As you are already aware, we depend on you for articles, news, letters and recipes, etc. So do keep these coming in. Apologies for the lateness of this issue, which is due to personally being very busy and changing around. I hope the next issue will help to catch up.

We have a new government that has promised to act on animal welfare. The number of vegetarians and vegans is steadily increasing. A vegan village community is being set up. These are encouraging signs, although the general public clings to the idea that meat is somehow still necessary for the human diet, in spite of modern nutritional research and the fact of over 50 years of veganism and 150 years of vegetarianism. There is still plenty of work that needs doing writing to the press and talking to friends, but we are making progress.

Enjoy the summer sunshine!

A new cartoon called "Toadstool Farm" started two issues later in VV78.
The new UK government did not carry out their promises on animal welfare, and left the vegetarian, vegan and animal movement bitter and betrayed.