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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 74 (Autumn 1996)

Firstly, I have to announce a rise in the price of the magazine to 85p per issue due to rising costs and to make provision for hoped for improvements. Whilst on the subject, I want to thank all those who donate that little bit extra that keeps us going more smoothly.

More sadly, we have to announce the death, aged 87, of Wilfred Crone, a regular contributor of articles and letters to Vegan Views and the advocate of veganism, raw foods and fruitarianism. He kept in vigorous health to the end, cycling and maintaining his garden till the end. He must have had some worry that he would become less active and be a burden to others, whereas he had always been the one who gave the hospitality. It appears he left a note saying he did not want to become a burden and was found hit by a train. An inquest will be held. Wilfred Crone worked tirelessly to promote veganism, using humour and a knowledge of animals he had worked or lived with. He was an inspiration to many and will be missed. We will continue to work for veganism until the universal harmony he believed in and the world so desperately needs comes closer to reality. In the present, Britain still has problems with BSE, mad cow disease, where huge numbers have to be slaughtered at great cost. Early death is the fate of all cattle anyway but this usually results in profit not loss. Sadly, the main concern in Britain is political and financial, no mention is made of the absurdity of feeding animal parts to herbivores, nor is any effort made to bring to book the ignoramuses who have caused so much distress. There is much work to be done, but the numbers are growing and the case for veganism cannot be disproved. Veganism is essential if the world is to continue into the next century.