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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 71 (Winter 95/96)

Firstly, I need to apologise for the late appearance of this issue. Although people are writing and fearing they have been overlooked and although the country is covered in snow as I write, it seems winter is almost past. True, Spring has not yet arrived, but already the days seem longer and we can feel the earth renewing its energy.

Humankind seems to have followed the downward, negative drift of winter as though we have lost our way in a harsh, cruel world and accepting this state as normal. But we can also see as it were snowdrops in the snow - small signs of strong forces struggling to uphold the brighter, kinder sides of life. Determined people are desperately working to conserve nature threatened by motorways, to protest against the sad fate inflicted on baby calves. In this issue you will also read about people working towards a more caring society, a more caring agriculture, working to establish a compassionate, sustainable world. The conventional way of life seems lost in a cold, grey wintry world that has taken a wrong turning - mostly plodding on with little hope for the future.

It is up to us to stick to the way we know is right and best, to present our message for a better world and stay confident that we are building a future that will eventually renew the whole planet. Our path is not without suffering and troubles. Spring is slow in coming. But it will come in due time and disperse the gloom of winter.

Keep hope alive. Work in the best way you can and the whole world will wake up to the warmth and joy of Spring.

This issue looks different because of the demise of the old typewriter. It has some interesting articles which I hope you will enjoy.