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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 68 (Spring 1995)

The important message coming from Britain this year is that a great number of ordinary people have wakened up to one aspect of animal exploitation and are standing up in protest. This is one aspect that lies at the heart of veganism, namely, the plight of the calves which are the 'surplus product' of the milk producing process. Hundreds of local people, who were not used to questioning authority and had never before thought of taking to the streets holding a placard, have been doing just that. Wherever the exports were being routed (in 5 or 6 localities) the local people have been protesting. They know they are not alone and that their feelings are shared by a vast number of others. They have protested through cold, wet weather. They have persisted when the police have pushed them around and they have come back again and again. They have protested peacefully because they are peaceful people and because they are local people they can identify outsiders who are rowdies. They even suspect that some of the rare acts of violence may be the actions of provocateurs, when they saw a stranger throw stones at the police, denounced him, yet the police took no action.

They know the law says the exports are a legal trade and looks on them as hooligans. They can only respond with their hearts to say that this is wrong and something must be done.

Some are drawing the obvious conclusion and giving up cow's milk. The availability of soya milk makes the change more easy, but too many are put off by the taste. Could more research go into improving the taste with a harmless flavouring like apple juice? Consumer trials of new products might well attract media attention as they are still keeping the interest going on the Live Exports issue. And launching a new flavour on World Vegan Day might give everyone a boost all round.

Last year we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Vegan Society. This year Vegan Views is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. Malcolm Horne who helped with the first issue, helped with many of the subsequent issues and has always been supportive, shares with us his memories of those 20 years.

I would also like to thank the many who send in a brief word of appreciation of Vegan Views. It does help us to keep going.

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