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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 67 (Winter 1994/95)

So it's the time again when we think of peace, friendship and of the children, full of hope and joy. It's time to think of a new year, leaving the dreary past behind and finding a brighter future.

Is there much, this year, to make us optimistic? People in many parts of the world are suffering the agony of war, many minorities and individuals are persecuted for their ethnic origin or personal beliefs. The media confronts us with these tragedies and television brings them into our homes. We also have crimes and murders closer to hand in our own homes. Poverty and misery does not decrease. Amid the gloom we have to search to find grounds for hope, but there are reasons to hope.

Last year saw the end of apartheid in South Africa. This year sees an ending of violence in Northern Ireland. Both were problems that had lasted a generation and more. It seems that some, at least, are learning that living in peace is better than continuing the violence.

Concerning animals, Ferry Companies have refused to handle live exports, at least until more humane conditions are imposed. Further, the public has shown wide and deep concern about the live exports, especially of the newborn calves. But they do not seem to realise the connection between their milk drinking habit and the plight of the calves.

So there is much work to be done informing and educating the public. The Vegan Society now has a persuasive video that will assist this work. Medical reports continue to confirm that vegan foods are beneficial to health and that the conventional British diet is the cause of many diseases which could be avoided and greatly reduce the expenses of the Health Service.

The future is bright for vegans and for veganism. The road towards peace on earth for all creation may be a long one but, for us, the way is certain and there is plenty of hope.

Let us all work for a brighter future.