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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 65 (Summer 1994)

The world is full of reports of misery and violence. The war in Bosnia continues. Somalia is not at peace. North and South Yemen are fighting. The South of Sudan fights the North. Other parts of Africa are in turmoil. In many parts of Asia, human rights are ignored and workers exploited. Ruanda erupts with massacres and rivers flow with dead bodies. Sectarian killings continue in Northern Ireland.

At home many are unemployed or low waged, homeless or in poor accommodation. At home and abroad the outlook is bleak. Should we despair of humanity? Can we only use our boasted intelligence for destruction? Must violence always triumph?

But the news also brings signs that progress is being made. In South Africa coloured people have at last gained the vote and positions of power. Israel and the PLO have finally concluded an agreement that gives some autonomy to Palestinians. Violent parties are losing an excuse for their cause. In the Whaling Commission, years of patient negotiation have led to the creation of a huge area where whales will be protected. None of these victories have come quickly or easily. They have come as a result of hard work and patience by a few, supported by the many who kept a dream of peace in their hearts.

The bright future vegans hope for will not come quickly nor easily. The first 50 years have proved the value of veganism. The future will need more work and patience to overcome the violent side of human nature; but if apartheid can be overturned, then we can be confident that there is hope for humanity.

Increasingly the non-vegan way is proving to be the wrong way to live and dangerous for the health of the individual and the planet. Veganism is the normal way to live. May the time soon come when all humans will become normal.

Have a summer of sunshine.

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