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Editorial by Harry Mather, Vegan Views 64 (Spring 1994)

The winter has seemed harder and longer than usual, but still the snowdrops and the crocuses have appeared and days are growing longer. Soon more flowers will come and warmth and colour return to our lives.

There does not seem to have been any event that brought cheer into our vegan world during the winter, but we have had a steady flow of enquiries about the magazine and new members subscribing. Even better, you have been sending enough letters and articles to fill up this issue. Many thanks and keep it up! Remember Vegan Views exists for you to make your views known. This hopefully will encourage any non-vegan readers to join us and to better understand this way of life.

We seem to be receiving more and more poetry and hardly ever any recipes. Could this be a developing trend? In the earlier days of VVs people seemed much more keen to show off their kitchen expertise. Can it be that today it is much easier to be vegan and to buy easily prepared or ready made vegan meals?

No doubt being vegan is easier than it was, even if we still have to scrutinise the list of ingredients carefully and even though vegans are still looked on as a tiresome sect of vegetarians who are a bit extreme.

There is no doubt that veganism is growing not only in this country but worldwide. Fifty years on from the forming of the Vegan Society, there can be no doubt that vegans have proved that theirs is a viable way of life and a way we must all follow if the human race is to progress.

So keep on writing in and sharing your thoughts and experiences.