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Dr. Michael Klaper - On Animal Fats Vegan Views 62 (Autumn 1993)

This is a summary of one of the presentations at the International Vegan Festival in Spain, 1993.

Julia Jacquel from the USA presented a video by Dr. Michael Klaper, who may be known to many readers for his excellent books on Vegan Nutrition (obtainable from the UK Vegan Society).

As the video shows, Dr. Klaper was once a conventional surgeon dealing with heart conditions. He realised that people were running animal fat through their arteries and clogging them up. Putting patients on a vegan diet cleared the arteries and operations were no longer necessary. There is no need to run butterfat through our arteries. We don't see a need to drink rat's milk nor giraffe's milk. Neither do we need the milk of cows, which is designed for building up a large animal quickly and is different from human milk.

A chart of vegetable and meat consumption in the USA shows great changes in consumption from the turn of the century to the present day. Today US citizens consume twice as much milk, 50% more meat and only half the quantity of vegetable products that they consumed at the turn of the century and diseases of the heart have greatly increased. Red meat has fat in the muscle. Trimming off the fat does not remove it all.

Animal fats contain cholesterol. Plant foods do not.

Animal fats are solid at body temperature.

There is no nutrient in meat that you cannot get from plant sources.

Thailand has no dairy produce - they have no breast cancer.

The requirement for protein is about 30 grams a day. The typical North American diet has 150 grams a day. The liver has to break down this protein and in the process releases urea and ammonia. These form acids in the blood stream. So calcium is needed to neutralise the acid and is usually taken from the bones and causes weak and brittle bones (osteoporosis). Malaysia has no dairy produce - they have no osteoporosis. USA has the most dairy produce and the most osteoporosis. Meat gives high blood pressure. Diabetes improves on a vegan diet.

Children who grow up in the USA have increasing heart diseases. About 1,000 children in the USA each year have strokes.

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